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About Us

Dandy Lion is an Oklahoma-owned and operated brand launched in the midst of the state’s emerging cannabis market in 2020. We It is our mission to provide dispensaries a trustworthy name to present to their patients.

We provide industry-leading product consistency with all-natural, clean and safe ingredients. while staying cost effective with all wholesale offerings.

All Dandy Lion & Daybreak products are produced in-house by our dedicated team of confectionary specialists, mixologists, and other key team members.

We’ve maintained relevancy and success year over year despite challenges in Oklahoma’s competitive market by maintaining our core values of integrity, cleanliness, quality and value.

Our Team

Our sales team takes pride in the success of their wholesale customers by offering insights on current trends in the market as well as sharing effective selling and educational strategies to dispensary owners.

Our in-house team of production and packaging experts take the utmost care to produce the same high level of quality for each unit of every product. Every chocolate, gummy, and cartridge passes by a pair of eyes and undergoes our meticulous quality control process.

Our flavors and terpenes aren’t just picked from a catalog. We know patients have a finely tuned palette when it comes to their medication, so every formulation on our menu is custom-made. That’s why so many cite Dandy Lion & Daybreak as their paramount sources of medicating.